Web Security

Intergrated Solutions to Disarm Cyberattacks

As your business evolves to take advantage of cloud computing, digital transformation, and emerging technologies, the cybersecurity landscape is also evolving making the threat landscape more complex than ever. 

WIth the growing concern of compliance requirements, while important, add to the challenge of managing a secure and efficient IT infrastructure.  You need resilent cybersecurity solutions to help protect your critical assets across the LAN, Web, and cloud.  Here is how ZettaLync can help you with your Cyber Security needs.  

Secure Cloud & Internet Access

Deliver Secure access to the cloud.

Antispam Ware

Remove spam and malicious email traffic before it enters your network.

Secure Web Gateway

Protects against every kind of threat and ensures strict compliance with policies, all without slowing down your pc.

Data Loss Prevention

Monitor and control movement of sensitive and confidential data across network.

Virutal Firewall

Guard your trusted internal network against infiltration from untrested external sources.

Web Security

Web application Security is a branch on information security that deals with specifically with security of websites, web applications and web services.  At a high level, web applications security draws on the principle of applications security but applies them specifically to internet and web systems.  

Continuous Protection

Advanced intelligence, analytics, and innovative securtiy technology stop malware attacks before they happen.

Immediate Response

Live remediation and event management quickly eliminate threats, fix vulnerabilities, and keep you compliant.

24/7/365 Live

Your team of certified cybersecurity professionals provides always-on surveillance and remediation services.

Enhanced Productivity

Global system of distibuted servers boost the perfomance of your websites and web applications.

POS Application Security

Protect Point-of-Sales Applications 

Point-of Sales

Provides a secure, malware-free container for all POS applications to run.

Data Integrity-first Approuch

Protects sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers.  

Securty-enforced interatioction 

Protects against risky human behavior with highly secure interaction rules and containment.

Isolated Containers

Securely wrapped applications can't be infected by malware.