Managed Service Provider


Why ZettaLync?

ZettaLync MSP is considered to be a centralized platform for MSPs which incorporates Patch Management, Service Desk, and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) into one easy-to-use console. In this open platform, MSP's will be able to take advantage of the money that they save from licensing and added costs to reinvest in their business for added staff, modern technology, and extraordinary operational performance.  MSP enables MSPs to monitor, systematize, and then automate existing processes and also view real-time data and notifications from customer networks in order to reduce the operating costs and also increase the quality of service.

Types of Managed Services

Scheduled Maintenance: An MSP guarantees scheduled maintenance of the organizations' networks on a quarterly or monthly basis according to the Service Level Agreement.
Centralized Management: MSPs provide a single and powerful console capable of handling complex networks. They also provide patch management solution, service desk, remote monitoring and security solutions to multiple clients with centralized controls.
Remote Support: MSPs provide cloud-based solutions to handle remote computers. Some MSPs provide assistance that will help you through all steps of the transition process. Besides managing your services in an efficient manner, you can also spend extra time to supervise financial and operational services. MSPs also aid in remotely trouble-shooting technical problems.
Proactive Support: MSPs integrate comprehensive and regular preventative maintenance systems in order to stay ahead of any issues related to desktop devices and networks. They are a powerful medium through which both the reliability and stability of the organization's IT assets are ensured. MSPs also provide scalable cloud storage and the payment varies for the amount of storage space needed by the user.
Monitoring: An MSP offers efficient, customized and real-time monitoring solutions for any network device, website, application, or server of an organization. It is capable of delivering 24x7x365 network monitoring to guarantee optimum uptime for your business.
Simplified Billing: An MSP provides a billing management system to handle tasks like invoicing, payments, tracking, and budgeting. MSPs offering this option manage billing system to guarantee visibility.

Advantages of Using MSPs

24/7/365 Network Monitoring: Managed Service Providers frequently guarantee round-the-clock network protection by using sophisticated network monitoring tools.
Comprehensive Reporting: MSPs are capable of offering a complete view of the enterprise infrastructure, which allows MSP executives to keep track of everything that happens in their company.
Improved Security: MSPs greatly improve enterprise as they are equipped with efficient backup and disaster recovery plan.
Cost Effective: Unplanned repair services can be a huge cost burden on enterprises. By hiring MSPs, enterprises succeed in controlling such costs by paying fixed monthly costs which cover all kinds of repairs and service costs on a contractual basis.

How Managed Services Differ from the Break-Fix method

The break-fix method waits for systems, servers or other critical networking devices to fail or break and then seeks to fix them. Managed services, on the other hand, seek to prevent issues prior to them interrupt management, employees, and/or clients. MSPs offering managed services prevent clients from falling behind in keeping up with things and also prevent them from facing an IT outage or a huge issue that could bring about a negative impact on their business. Managed services deal with patches, backups, and security.

Why Break-Fix has Turned Irrelevant for Businesses

The break-fix method focuses on fixing issues as they occur and fails to prevent issues from happening. This would eventually affect the performance of client companies and bring about a huge loss to businesses. Today, businesses cannot afford to depend on such break-fix solution providers; they rely on having a non-failing and reliable IT infrastructure. Furthermore, they cannot have separate service providers handling varied areas of the system, which would, in fact, be slightly complex and time-consuming for them. These reasons led to the break-fix method being rather irrelevant for businesses and most businesses today depend on MSPs.

Are Managed Services Costlier than Break-Fix Services?

Managed Services are generally cheaper compared to the standard break-fix services. The true cost of downtime would show that depending on managed services is on the whole cheaper. Instead of frequently visiting customer sites, MSPs offer managed services via remote monitoring and remote maintenance. This indeed allows them to offer improved services at a lesser cost.